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During the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped with food packages the Safe Houses of the Municipality of Peja and Gjakova, as the capacities of these centers had exceeded, we also donated 2 laptops, children's clothes, 10-bed sheets, 25 covers, etc.





The Charity Shops helped the Kosovar Institute of Occupational Therapy with 76 toys which were sent to the children of the school "Perparimi" in order to develop the imagination and creativity of children.





The Charity Shop in September helped Y's Men's Club Gjakova with the preparation of 120 teddy bears and clothes for children aged 0-1 years. Which were distributed in the Family Medicine Centers in Gjakova, so that when parents come to vaccinate their children to get clothes and toys for them.


In October 2018, for children who would start the first grade, about 65 packages of pencils, notebooks and toys were donated to the primary school "Zef Lush Marku" as motivation for the beginning of a good year.

6 boxes of toys and 12 puzzles were donated to Zef Lush Marku Primary School for the children of this school.





At the end of 2017 to INNO organization, we donated 200 pairs of clothes for adults and children and 100, which they donated to families in need.

In collaboration with Peace Corps volunteers, we donated about 200 toys to the children.



In 2016 we donated about 40 food packages to Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian families in the village of Brekoc, Gjakova Municipality in cooperation with the local organization Bethany Christian Service.

Very often families in need do not have clothes for their children, so in 2016, the Charity Shop together with local organization Bethany Christian Services distributed about 50 pairs of clothes for children at the Family Medicine Center in Brekoc, Gjakova. This was done in order to stimulate parents to send their children to be vaccinated.




In 2015, in cooperation with the students' council of the high school "Kadri Kusari" in Gjakova, we distributed 100 food packages to families in need.

339 pairs of baby clothes and 121 dolls were donated to Action for Mothers and children to open their shop.


The Charity Shop helped the organization Caritas Kosovo with 4 wheelchairs and 4 walking assistants for the elderly, which were later distributed to people in need.


At the request of a mother in need, the charity shop bought orthopedic shoes for her son.




Since 2014 we have started preparing food packages with essential products for living which later are sent to families in need. From the beginning of this project until now we have provided about 300 food packages to families in need.

The Charity Shop awarded a one-year scholarship to Glera Lusha for continuing her studies, for her volunteer work done in the store. shop.

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