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Customer care
Privacy and security

We want you to have a pleasant online shopping experience. If you encounter any problems, please contact Customer Care at 045 474 416.


We want to:

-to contribute to the self-confidence of our customers by offering unique styles of clothes

-to offer good prices but with quality purchases

-fun and special experience

-to contribute to the protection of the environment

-to spread social responsibility to others over the environment

Privacy and security

The Charity Shop guarantees our visitors privacy and security, as we do not intend to collect even one of your information. Payment for each order is made in cash, our website does not require any registration of you. Customers have the opportunity to visit our website and place messages from our web-chat or social networking platforms.

Payment methods

The main and only way of payment will be in cash the moment the order arrives at your door from the postman.

Payment Methods
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