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Partners and Donors

Y's Men International - Switzerland and Hardeners Y's Men Club-Denmark


Y's Men International was established in 1922 in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. and is now headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Y's Men International is a group of volunteers who support YMCAs. This organization was formed to support the work of the YMCA World.


In 2014, with the initiative of Arne Nielsen and the support of Y's Men Hardeners, our organization applied to the Time of Fast fund of Y's Men International based in Switzerland, where we were supported with a grant to open the first charity shop in Kosovo in the municipality of Gjakova.

The Gjakova Charity Shop from the first year became self-sustainable, thus offering employment opportunities for 4 women (previously unemployed) and volunteer opportunities for 4 young people, at the same time helping the community and protecting the environment.

In 2019 with the organization's application and Hardeners Y's Men Club- Denmark we applied to the same fund for the opening of the second Charity Shop in Pristina, in order to support us in protecting the environment and employment of young people.

After the opening of the Charity Shop in the Municipality of Prishtina, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the charity shop was transferred to this online format.


Every year Hardeners Y's Men Club- Denmark supports shops with various recyclable clothes and products.

With their own initiative and with the help of other Y's Men Region Denmark clubs, we have bought the "Aid and Storage Center"  which helps as a social incubator for the charity shops and other social enterprise initiatives to help people in need.

Holstebro Nødhjælp- Denmark

The organization Holstebro Nødhjælp has been supporting the Charity Shops since 2012.

Every year they have donated various high-quality recyclable clothes and products in order to support the shops and the community.

YMCA England & Wales

The Charity Shops are a model adapted from the YMCA England and Wales Charity Shops. Since the opening of the first Charity Shop they have supported us with the work plan of the stores that are located there, this created a strong foundation for our store towards the goal of being self-sustaining.

In 2017 Simon Green from the Department of Charity Shops of YMCA England came to visit the Charity Shop in Gjakova and he shared his experience in the management of charity shops.

Simon along with Jo Chettleburgh in 2018, helped prepare and train staff to manage the charity shops. After analyzing the market, they suggested that we try to establish clothes banks and start collecting from Kosovo, which supports the purpose of the Charity Shops on environmental protection.

In 2020 Jo and Simon invited Charity Shop staff for a study visit to their stores in England, but due to COVID 19 this visit was postponed.

YMCA Germany

YMCA Germany is a partner of the YMCA organization, with the Signs of Hope project, which supports youth workers and youth programs.


Seeing the situation created during this pandemic and the announcement of our organization for the closure of the store during the quarantine, YMCA Germany has decided to support the Charity Shop in Gjakova by covering the staff costs for the month of July.

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